Veterans who own or lease passenger vehicles or motor homes can now apply for a set of Veteran Specialty Plates for their vehicle (please note: plates for other vehicle types, like pickup trucks and motorcycles, will not be available until the Fall). The plates will be available to Veterans who served during war time or in a post-war capacity. They are also available to Veterans who served during a NATO or UN operation, including members of the RCMP. 

For more information on the BC Veteran Licence Plate read the Brochure.

The Province of BC introduced this new plate program in June 2004 to honour Veterans and commemorate the 60th anniversary of D-Day.

Applying for your BC Veteran Plates

To apply for a Veteran Specialty Plate:

  • Print the Application Form or pick up a copy from your Autoplan broker
  • Select one of the three Authorizing Service Organizations.
  • Gather, then photocopy, your original service documentation.
  • Complete the application form.
  • Make a cheque or money order, in the amount of $5, payable to British Columbia Veterans Commemorative Association. Do not send cash.
  • Mail your completed application, a photocopy of your original service documentation, and the cheque or money order to British Columbia Veterans Commemorative Association. They will process your application form and return it to you by mail.

For more information on the application process or eligibility requirements, please contact the Authorizing Service Organization of your choice.

NOTE: Although ICBC is issuing the Veteran plates, eligibility is determined solely by the Veterans associations listed below as Authorizing Service Organizations.

Ordering your BC Veteran Plates
The Authorizing Service Organization will mail back your approved application form (PDF)* to you. To order your Veteran plates, take your original approved form to your Autoplan broker. Your Autoplan broker will photocopy your approved application form for their file, and return the original form to you.

Collecting your BC Veteran Plates
Your Autoplan broker will call you once the plates have arrived at their office. To collect your plates, you will have to bring your current Owner’s Certificate of Insurance, Vehicle Licence and Registration to your Autoplan broker along with your current licence plates. Your current plates will be exchanged for Veteran plates.

When you hand in your current licence plates to your Autoplan broker, you will be issued Veteran plates at no additional cost. (If you do not have a set of current licence plates, an $18 new plate fee applies.)

Time required to obtain BC Veteran Plates
It takes up to seven weeks to obtain your Veteran plates, including:
Up to three weeks for the application form to be processed and mailed back to you by an Authorizing Service Organization, and 
Up to four weeks for your Autoplan broker to receive your Veteran plates.